Tuesday, March 23, 2010

some stuff I've been sewing lately...

These are 2 dresses I recently completed for 2 sisters. I really love how they came out, especially the knot dress. The peasant dress was a standard item in my shop, but the knot dress was a custom order.

The fabrics I used were from a line called Summer Soiree designed by Paula Prass for Michael Miller. The patterns I used were from Sandi Henderson's Portabellopixie Claire pattern. The knot dress was tweaked a little from her original design. By the way, Sandi has a new book coming out soon! It looks amazing and I have already pre-ordered it from Amazon! I can't wait to get it! She talks about it here on her blog.

Oh, a few more random things to share:
1. I've really been getting the itch to make another quilt.

2. I'm dying to make my daughter a dress, and my son a coordinating tie for Easter.
3. We successfully threw my son a football themed party this past Saturday for his 9th birthday. Ten 9-10 year old boys playing football and generally acting wild. And get this. I spent all this time and energy planning and executing the production of the theme colored cupcakes (with 3 different colors of icing and 'go team' flags in them I might add) only to have them pounced upon and devoured so quickly before my eyes that we were barely able to sing Happy Birthday (actually not 100% sure if we sang it or not....) and I did not even get a picture of their loveliness. Bummer. Boys are weird.

That is all!

Monday, March 8, 2010

did you see this?!

I have been busy pattern testing again!

Did you see this?! Megan of the Brassy Apple has come up with this new pattern, the Maddie Bee Apron Top, and she did a feature on her blog showing the different varieties her pattern testers came up with, one of them being mine. Check it out. It's a great pattern, and can be used for so many different occasions or themes. The possibilities are endless! I used Sandi Henderson's newest line, meadowsweet. Love it!