Monday, March 8, 2010

did you see this?!

I have been busy pattern testing again!

Did you see this?! Megan of the Brassy Apple has come up with this new pattern, the Maddie Bee Apron Top, and she did a feature on her blog showing the different varieties her pattern testers came up with, one of them being mine. Check it out. It's a great pattern, and can be used for so many different occasions or themes. The possibilities are endless! I used Sandi Henderson's newest line, meadowsweet. Love it!


  1. Super cute! I like you variation, and of course your model is beautiful ;-)

  2. This is so so cute! Love the way it came out, sure looks like a pattern with endless possibilities!

  3. Hello!
    So nice to meet you! Your apron is adorable!
    I have also been making aprons! They are so fun to make, especially for little girls!
    Come by and visit anytime!

  4. I love love love how yours turned out! Puts mine to shame! I didn't connect it together that you were one of the other testers! You do a beautiful job and the model is gorgeous!

  5. what a great blog! Just found your site and you're so incredibly talented. I'm bookmarking you- love your creativity!