Monday, June 22, 2009

cool chicks

I made these 2 little chicks for my kids at Easter for their baskets. We don't make much of a to-do about the Easter bunny here because to me, the real reason for the holiday is just too somber to cloud it with bunny propaganda. We mention it a little, but I think both of my kids "know". In case you're wondering, we do still do Santa, but to me, the 2 holidays are totally different, both still very joyous, but Easter really hits me when I think of the sacrifice Christ made for me, for all of us. *** Anyway, the kids have loved these little chicks, and they love that I made it for them. They named their chicks, and have played with them quite a bit. The egg comes out of the pocket and has a little removeable finger puppet baby chick that they can play with separately. In my son's chick, the egg is turned around backwards, and in my daughter's you can see the face of the little baby chick sticking out. I got the pattern from mollychicken, and you can find her tutorial for the Easter birdy chick here. I have been having trouble with my links, so in case they don't work, you can find the tutorial here:

Monday, June 15, 2009

surprise, I can follow a pattern!

This bag was made using a pattern by Amy Butler, and was done in fabrics by Amy Butler. I made it almost a year ago, and I was SO proud of myself! It was the first time I had ever followed a pattern to sew anything. Everything I had ever done before I had just made up myself. I kind of used it as a test to see if I could actually do it. I thought if I can sew this bag, I can probably sew some clothes for my daughter. So, it was really the start of something big for me! I have since sewn a lot of clothes for my daughter, pj bottoms for my son, clothes for other people's kids, and opened my own etsy shop! Sometimes what you think you can't do really holds you back from all the wonderful things you can do. Whatever it is that you think you can't do, give it a try. You may surprise yourself, like I did.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

leaving things undone

I have tried to keep up, but alas, I have not. I really thought I would finish all the tasks for week 3 of the quilt-along, I really did. It just didn't happen. All the tasks that come with the last days of school and getting ready to leave for 2 weeks came upon me, and I had to prioritize. I'm sorry beautiful quilt that you will be, but family has to come first. I'm sure you understand. So, I was able to sew almost all of my strips together (boy was that a big job!), and I have ironed almost all of my strip sets. I will mainly just have to cut my strip sets into blocks when I get back, sew them together and then do whatever weeks 5 & 6 hold, and I will be all caught up! No problem, right?! I actually do think I will be able to get caught up relatively easily, unless the quilt-along includes hand quilting. I will probably try to get mine machine quilted anyway which may take a while, depending on waiting lists. I have had to wait 6 months in the past to get a quilt machine quilted, but it is worth it in the end if you ask me. I love the way it looks and feels. I am comparing to hand tying a quilt, which I have also done, and I just love the machine quilted effect so much more. I can quilt on my own machine with small projects, but not something like this. So, I will still keep you updated on the status of my quilt-along quilt, I just may not be on schedule with old red barn anymore (see link on sidebar).

Speaking of links, sorry for the problems I have been having with my links lately. Not sure what is going on. I have been doing them exactly the same as usual, but they are not working for some reason. Most of the people I reference in my blog are also located on my sidebar.

And finally, YES, you heard correctly, I am leaving for 2 weeks. 17 days to be exact. We are going to visit family in OH, KY, and MN; and then Mr. P (my husband's 'mafia wars' name) and I will be going to ALASKA, yes Alaska, for a week!!! We are really excited about it. I cannot wait to see the beauty God has created that waits in store for us there! I remember when I was a consultant for Close to my Heart, an awesome scrapbooking company, and I flew to Portland, OR for our convention..... well, this midwestern girl (grew up in OH) had never been to Oregon, or seen the likes of anything like Mt. Hood. I think I nearly caused a scene taking pictures out the window of the plane! I remember being overwhelmed at such an amazing sight, and thanking God for the clear day to allow me to see just a small snippet of the beauty of this world which He has created. My friend who I was flying with that day had grown up in Utah, so she had seen a lot of this stuff, and I think she was a little tickled at my level of enthusiasm! (hey Melissa, remember that?!) Anyway.... hoping & expecting to have a lot more of those moments in Alaska. Just hoping one of those moments is NOT seeing a bear up close & personal! Our agenda so far includes hiking, a glacier cruise (with buffet - yum!), a midnight hike on a glacier, and probably a kayaking/ mountain biking excursion. Seeing as how I got worn out last week from my rotary cutter, I am probably not in the best possible shape that I need to be in for this trip, but I will do my best and will enjoy it every step of the way. Can't wait to tell you about it when I get back! Hoping to be really inspired! I have a few scheduled posts for while I'm gone, so keep checking back, and let me know if you've stopped by!! Thanks!


Saturday, June 6, 2009

hot pink polka dot ruffle pants

These pants are in my etsy shop for only $15! They are made from really nice cotton fabric from Chez Ami. I am lucky to live in Raleigh, where they have the Patsy Aiken/ Chez Ami factory and outlet. The outlet store is open for a week, once a month, and they have some of their fabrics for sale there. That is why I am able to offer these ruffle pants at such a great price, because I get a good deal on the fabric. I have found that you can pair these with almost anything, and she cannot wear them anywhere without getting TONS of compliments! They are SO cute. I love them. I just got the same fabric in a bright kelly green at the last outlet sale which I will make her a pair from that fabric too, and will have them for sale in my etsy shop as well. These can also be made as capris! Take a look!

Friday, June 5, 2009

getting to know grace

Grace is my sewing machine. She is a Baby-Lock, and their models are actually named, and I have Grace. Well, Grace came into my life mid-April, and we are still getting to know each other. I'm going to keep it clean, so let's just say that she has affected my progress this week on the quilt-along. Wow, have we had a lot of problems. There was the E6 error that kept popping up on the screen indicating the motor was locking up because of tangled thread. Then there was the improper threading of the upper thread (ok, that was not her fault....), and finally the ongoing problems with thread tension. I know it is a good machine, I am just having trouble adjusting. I LOVE my Baby Lock serger. I have the Imagine, and she has been a dream. My husband surprised me with the serger at Christmas and it was such a great moment for us. (my husband and I , not the serger and I!) It was so sweet of him. He knew I wanted one, but would have never expected one because of the cost. Don't say that girls don't like gifts that plug in... Well, despite the problems we have had this week, Grace and I are expected to finish the tasks assigned for week 3 of the quilt-along. I have 3 strip sections ironed and ready to cut (on the left in the picture), 5 sewn and ready to iron (on the right in the picture), and 6 still to sew. With 2 more days plus the rest of today, I am confident we will finish on time, something I was not so sure of a couple of days ago!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

giveaway at lanie jane

Check out Lanie Jane. She is giving away some beautiful Moda fabric that she picked up at the sample sale at quilt market! See my sidebar for a quick way to access her blog regularly!