Saturday, June 6, 2009

hot pink polka dot ruffle pants

These pants are in my etsy shop for only $15! They are made from really nice cotton fabric from Chez Ami. I am lucky to live in Raleigh, where they have the Patsy Aiken/ Chez Ami factory and outlet. The outlet store is open for a week, once a month, and they have some of their fabrics for sale there. That is why I am able to offer these ruffle pants at such a great price, because I get a good deal on the fabric. I have found that you can pair these with almost anything, and she cannot wear them anywhere without getting TONS of compliments! They are SO cute. I love them. I just got the same fabric in a bright kelly green at the last outlet sale which I will make her a pair from that fabric too, and will have them for sale in my etsy shop as well. These can also be made as capris! Take a look!

1 comment:

  1. Love the pants. Very cute! I will look at you on Etsy. I've also started an etsy account and look forward to a growing business. I'm a stay at home mom to Clara (22 months) and Wyatt (10 months). Life is busy and crazy. Enjoy all the moments. I love all the colors on your blog. I'm just learning about blogging and loving the process.