Monday, June 22, 2009

cool chicks

I made these 2 little chicks for my kids at Easter for their baskets. We don't make much of a to-do about the Easter bunny here because to me, the real reason for the holiday is just too somber to cloud it with bunny propaganda. We mention it a little, but I think both of my kids "know". In case you're wondering, we do still do Santa, but to me, the 2 holidays are totally different, both still very joyous, but Easter really hits me when I think of the sacrifice Christ made for me, for all of us. *** Anyway, the kids have loved these little chicks, and they love that I made it for them. They named their chicks, and have played with them quite a bit. The egg comes out of the pocket and has a little removeable finger puppet baby chick that they can play with separately. In my son's chick, the egg is turned around backwards, and in my daughter's you can see the face of the little baby chick sticking out. I got the pattern from mollychicken, and you can find her tutorial for the Easter birdy chick here. I have been having trouble with my links, so in case they don't work, you can find the tutorial here:

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