Friday, June 5, 2009

getting to know grace

Grace is my sewing machine. She is a Baby-Lock, and their models are actually named, and I have Grace. Well, Grace came into my life mid-April, and we are still getting to know each other. I'm going to keep it clean, so let's just say that she has affected my progress this week on the quilt-along. Wow, have we had a lot of problems. There was the E6 error that kept popping up on the screen indicating the motor was locking up because of tangled thread. Then there was the improper threading of the upper thread (ok, that was not her fault....), and finally the ongoing problems with thread tension. I know it is a good machine, I am just having trouble adjusting. I LOVE my Baby Lock serger. I have the Imagine, and she has been a dream. My husband surprised me with the serger at Christmas and it was such a great moment for us. (my husband and I , not the serger and I!) It was so sweet of him. He knew I wanted one, but would have never expected one because of the cost. Don't say that girls don't like gifts that plug in... Well, despite the problems we have had this week, Grace and I are expected to finish the tasks assigned for week 3 of the quilt-along. I have 3 strip sections ironed and ready to cut (on the left in the picture), 5 sewn and ready to iron (on the right in the picture), and 6 still to sew. With 2 more days plus the rest of today, I am confident we will finish on time, something I was not so sure of a couple of days ago!

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