Thursday, June 11, 2009

leaving things undone

I have tried to keep up, but alas, I have not. I really thought I would finish all the tasks for week 3 of the quilt-along, I really did. It just didn't happen. All the tasks that come with the last days of school and getting ready to leave for 2 weeks came upon me, and I had to prioritize. I'm sorry beautiful quilt that you will be, but family has to come first. I'm sure you understand. So, I was able to sew almost all of my strips together (boy was that a big job!), and I have ironed almost all of my strip sets. I will mainly just have to cut my strip sets into blocks when I get back, sew them together and then do whatever weeks 5 & 6 hold, and I will be all caught up! No problem, right?! I actually do think I will be able to get caught up relatively easily, unless the quilt-along includes hand quilting. I will probably try to get mine machine quilted anyway which may take a while, depending on waiting lists. I have had to wait 6 months in the past to get a quilt machine quilted, but it is worth it in the end if you ask me. I love the way it looks and feels. I am comparing to hand tying a quilt, which I have also done, and I just love the machine quilted effect so much more. I can quilt on my own machine with small projects, but not something like this. So, I will still keep you updated on the status of my quilt-along quilt, I just may not be on schedule with old red barn anymore (see link on sidebar).

Speaking of links, sorry for the problems I have been having with my links lately. Not sure what is going on. I have been doing them exactly the same as usual, but they are not working for some reason. Most of the people I reference in my blog are also located on my sidebar.

And finally, YES, you heard correctly, I am leaving for 2 weeks. 17 days to be exact. We are going to visit family in OH, KY, and MN; and then Mr. P (my husband's 'mafia wars' name) and I will be going to ALASKA, yes Alaska, for a week!!! We are really excited about it. I cannot wait to see the beauty God has created that waits in store for us there! I remember when I was a consultant for Close to my Heart, an awesome scrapbooking company, and I flew to Portland, OR for our convention..... well, this midwestern girl (grew up in OH) had never been to Oregon, or seen the likes of anything like Mt. Hood. I think I nearly caused a scene taking pictures out the window of the plane! I remember being overwhelmed at such an amazing sight, and thanking God for the clear day to allow me to see just a small snippet of the beauty of this world which He has created. My friend who I was flying with that day had grown up in Utah, so she had seen a lot of this stuff, and I think she was a little tickled at my level of enthusiasm! (hey Melissa, remember that?!) Anyway.... hoping & expecting to have a lot more of those moments in Alaska. Just hoping one of those moments is NOT seeing a bear up close & personal! Our agenda so far includes hiking, a glacier cruise (with buffet - yum!), a midnight hike on a glacier, and probably a kayaking/ mountain biking excursion. Seeing as how I got worn out last week from my rotary cutter, I am probably not in the best possible shape that I need to be in for this trip, but I will do my best and will enjoy it every step of the way. Can't wait to tell you about it when I get back! Hoping to be really inspired! I have a few scheduled posts for while I'm gone, so keep checking back, and let me know if you've stopped by!! Thanks!



  1. Love the fabrics you have chosen I am doing my kitchen in Garden Party! I live in Ohio, I have always wanted to travel to Alaska, my brother in law works summers in Alaska on a salmon boat and my brother was stationed there in the Coast Guard! Have a wonderful & safe trip!

  2. I'm sure Alaska has some even more amazing views! I TOTALLY remember that trip.. It was so cute to see you see that mountain out hte window and snap pictures.
    I also remember being worried about keeping you "calm" on the plane :-) W are in crestwood now, stop by if you want to!

  3. Wow that sounds like a fun trip! I am behind on my Old Red Barn Quilt Challenge as well. I have also been behind on my blog but check it out anyway, I will add a ton of photos and updates this week :)
    I love the colors for ORB quilt!