Friday, May 29, 2009

get well soon package

Some good friends of ours' 4 year old daughter was recently badly injured in an accident. I have put together this package to send to her as a little get well gift. The dog I purchased at Target for $10. The quilt I made from some fabric I have here. It was a very easy quilt to make and only takes about 1-2 hours from start to finish, depending on how much the other people in your house will leave you alone :) haha! I have made 2 of these for my daughter's dolls, and one for a friend of hers. I think they turn out so cute, especially for how quick they are. The first aid box was made from an empty Nestle container and holds the band-aids and gauze, which are for the little girl to use to nurse the 'injured dog' back to health. My son painted the first aid symbol on the front and wrote the words, and my daughter colored a couple of pictures for her. It was good for them to be involved in this, and they were both very pleased, talking about how much she was going to like this. My son will write a letter that will be included that asks her to take care of the dog, who was in an accident just like her. I got this idea from visiting the Wilmington Children's Museum in Wilmington, NC. They had a room which was like a doctor's office, and it was full of stuffed animals that could be 'examined' and 'treated'. I would have never thought of putting actual band-aids on stuffed animals before visiting there, but why not, and the kids loved it. So, this idea for a get well package, or even rather an activity for her to do during her recovery, was born. I hope she likes it!


  1. I love it.. such a cute idea for a gift..
    i agree... getting stuff done has ALOT to do with people leaving you alone :-)

  2. that is really cute! Prayers for quick and cheerful healing on your friend.

    my little ones doctor'd their stuffed dogs once and it took months for the band-aids to peel off completely. (so be careful before you do it on a prized and precious stuffed animal!)

  3. I think that is so sweet :) You are such a thoughtful person :)