Saturday, December 12, 2009

it's official....

I have completely lost my mind!:) I have been working so hard lately. Trying to turn this:
......into this:

It's really a good feeling to do something constructive with your scrap pile I must say. I decided while I was working on my first quilt this season the weekend before Thanksgiving that I should do another quilt for my daughter to give to her at Christmas since I have not yet made her a quilt. (this is the part where I lost my mind) So, long story short, my house is a complete mess, but I finished the binding on quilt #1 last night, and this quilt for my daughter is off to the longarm quilter. I'll start working on my 3rd tomorrow. not kidding. More on quilt #1 later. It is a surprise. How's that for some mystery?


  1. I can't wait to see the final result! That looks like it is going to be a gorgeous quilt. I love scrap projects.

  2. wow you are efficient!!! that is a lot of quilty stuff to get done in time for christmas

  3. there you go again making pretty things!! Happy New Year Lori!!